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Uncovering Your Values: My Favorite Continuing Education Course for Personal Development

Written by Dani Carter, Guest Blogger

"At first, this course seemed straightforward to me. However, it soon evolved into a journey of deeper self-reflection, prompting me to consider ways to enhance my professional skills and personal growth.~ Dani Carter

I signed up to take the online, self-paced continuing education course, Developing a Relationship with Yourself for credit as part of my teacher renewal.

Honestly, this continuing education course was probably the most eye-opening one I have ever completed!

At first, this course seemed straightforward to me, as I thought it merely mirrored my previous experiences with formal classroom observations. However, it soon evolved into a journey of deeper self-reflection, prompting me to consider ways to enhance my skills and personal growth.

The biggest AHA moment for me was knowing my core values.

Uncovering Your Values: Acting on What's Important

Realizing that my core values differ from those of others has influenced how I interact with them. This realization struck me when I questioned why there wasn't a universal menu of choices, only to understand that accommodating everyone's diverse values would be exceedingly challenging.

When I thought about this it allowed me to reframe my thoughts because I knew the meaning behind the thoughts. I will often reframe thoughts into a positive affirmation and utilize mantras during challenging times.

Another piece that I enjoyed with this course was the ability to self-reflect during walks. I did not realize how much of that impacted my everyday life. I found so much clarity with the walks and would not have done so without this course pushing me to find that out about myself. I find that walking equals positivity for me.

I have now started to request that if I have a meeting with someone, we have a walking meeting if possible. Knowing that other people out in the community could benefit from this type of course, I always sprinkle in thoughts whenever I can with people. When I use a mantra with other people, they always stop and reflect, then they always say, “You’re right” and move on with a different frame of mind.

My Biggest Takeaways

My mindset going into this course was, "I don't think I'll be successful because this is outside of my comfort zone." I walked away thinking, “Wow, I can do great things, and I wish others were finding this kind of success!”

I appreciate this course allowing me to expand others' knowledge in some of these areas and provide them with the opportunity to experience success in positivity and growth. 

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