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Discovery Through Movement.

Our 8-lesson Preschool Mindfulness Curriculum will help early learners learn to problem-solve, ask questions, and have fun exploring new tools that will set them up for success throughout their life.

Our online curriculum is a comprehensive research-based approach, integrating the mind, body, and emotions while valuing the uniqueness of each individual's well-being journey.

Challenge to Change’s Pre-K Mindfulness Curriculum is designed to encourage resilience, support a mind and body connection, facilitate experiencing physical sensations in the body without activating fight/flight/freeze response, and teach self-regulation techniques and strategies.

Each lesson focuses on strengthening social and emotional regulation, self-care, and motor skills through the means of yoga and mindfulness.

This curriculum will help build the mindset and skills needed to lead a fulfilling life.

Our proven Yoga in the Schools programming blends evidence based social-emotional research with yoga and mindfulness to produce measurable impact and results.

Measurable impact, lasting growth.


Seated Practice

Calms the nervous system, refocus the brain, and relaxes the body


Physical practice of mind, body, and breath that brings one to the present moment 

Heart of the Lesson

Students learn new social-emotional skills and mindfulness techniques

Close of Practice

Repetition of simple words, phrases, or songs support mindfulness, self-esteem, and self-regulation.


Mindfulness Practice

A safe time in which students can pause and is often guided by a song or yoga story.

Learn more about the 5 Parts of Practice.

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