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Creating Your Noble Goal: 5 Steps to Align with Your Life's Purpose

Updated: Apr 8

Written by Molly Schreiber, Founder + CEO, Challenge to Change, Inc.

Me with my husband, Tom and my youngest daughter, Maria, who is a senior in high school this year!!

"Raising happy, healthy, safe kids who make the world around you better than they found it..."

The above statement is my Noble Goal.  My life’s work.  My daily mantra.  

It is the driving force for my personal and professional life: The reason I spring out of bed in the morning, and the statement I use to align my decision-making. It is what I hope to embody day in and day out. 

A Noble Goal is a brief and compelling statement of purpose that helps evaluate our choice.  It is beyond a mission statement.  A Noble Goal encompasses all aspects of our lives.  It covers the personal, professional, community, spiritual, etc. This statement helps inspire us to live our best lives.  A Noble Goal connects our daily life choices with our overarching sense of purpose.

At Challenge To Change, Inc., It is what we use at C2C to help all staff members live the life that they want to live.  We do this through a structure called Corporate Kindness.  Through the company model of Corporate Kindness, we ask each Changemaker to construct their Noble Goal.  In doing so, our staff creates their unique purpose statement within the organization.  They find their why, their purpose, and how they fit within the mission of C2C.  

We enable our Changemakers to identify their role within the mission and align their Noble Goals not only with their personal life but also with our organizational mission. We find that when we are clear about our Noble Goal, we feel compelled to pay fierce attention to our daily choices to ensure we are not undermining our life’s purpose. 

How to Create a Noble Goal 

Through our work with Dr. Liza Johnson and her Personal Empowerment Classes and the global organization of Six Seconds, we have come to learn how to structure a Noble Goal. A Noble Goal typically contains an action verb (expressing how you see yourself acting it out) and a specific goal that paints a picture of the ingredient you want to add to the world.  

Finding and following purpose is literally a matter of life and death.  A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that having a life purpose dramatically improved health and life expectancy, exerting even more influence than the favorite health factors we usually point to, like drinking, smoking, and exercising. 

When I initially formed my Noble Goal, my primary focus was on nurturing happy, healthy, and safe children in my personal life. Gradually, it expanded to encompass my vision for Challenge To Change, Inc., and my aspirations for all the Changemakers engaged within the organization. 

Today, my Noble Goal is similar to when it was first scripted but has been honed many times into the fluent phrase it is today. It now rolls off my tongue when I share it with others.  When I do recite my Noble Goal, it gives me chills. I can honestly say it makes me stand up a little straighter and empowers me to continue the work I do at Challenge To Change, Inc. and in my personal life.  

5 Components of a Noble Goal

According to Six Seconds’ definition, for a goal to qualify as a Noble Goal, these five criteria will be present:  

  1.  Not complete in your lifetime A Noble Goal is enduring and inspiring.  It is something beyond the daily struggle.  I like to say it is what you will accomplish only when you leave this earth.  I imagine myself as a 99-year-old woman taking her last breath in this life and finally hearing the words, “Job well done on completing your Noble Goal.”  

  2. Points outward A Noble Goal will benefit you by giving you purpose and passion.  However, the focus is really about being of service to others. Following a passion and purpose that points outwards toward the community helps us to maintain an expansive vision.  

  3. Integrates different domains A Noble Goal is meant to encompass all dimensions of your life and is not specific or exclusive to any single one.  No matter where you are, who you are with, or what specifically you’re doing, your Noble Goal is with you and is engaged.  I like to say it is the oxygen mask you put on yourself.

  4. Gets you out of bed Life can be difficult and trying.  A Noble Goal is meant to be the mantra you wake to in the morning that springs you to life.  Utilizing your Noble Goal as a driving force helps to give you energy when life gets hard.  

  5. No one made less Most importantly, a Noble Goal is never meant to be an ego trip.  In fact, a solid Noble Goal keeps one free from ego and power struggle.  No one is ever meant to feel less than or wrong for you to pursue your Noble Goal.  It is simply there for an individual to use as inspiration and passion in finding what to add to the world.  

What gives you purpose?  

What gives you hope? 

I encourage all of you to create a Noble Goal and rediscover what gets you out of bed in the morning!  

If you or your organization would like help creating a personalized Noble Goal,

please check out our Corporate Kindness Trainings at Challenge To Change, Inc. or my Developing a Relationship with Yourself Challenge

Throughout this 3-month challenge, will connect to your own inner wisdom to navigate your life and the world around you in a more purposeful and meaningful way.

Through embarking on this empowering journey, you will develop whole new levels of wisdom, self-love and purpose as you authentically navigate your path.

How It Works

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