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Trauma Supports in Facilities

Cultivating Resilience.
Transforming Challenges.

The Mindful Education for Resilience program offers an evidenced-based curriculum created and taught by the Challenge to Change Resiliency Team. Each team member is trained in trauma-informed practices to provide practical mindfulness skills to build resiliency in youth and adults who may have experienced trauma and are navigating challenges.

Our Yoga for Resiliency Curriculum includes 52 lessons, each including the 5 Modalities of
Mindfulness designed to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can
continuine their journey toward healing and recovery.

Our Mindful Education for Resilience Program is designed to:

  • Trauma-informed practices are integrated into all aspects of the Mindful Education for Resilience Program to help clients understand the impact of trauma on behavior, emotions, and relationships and to teach self-regulation techniques and strategies to encourage resilience.

    Our experienced Resiliency Team creates an environment that prioritizes physical and emotional safety, where individuals feel respected, supported, and able to trust staff and resources available.

    We recognize and respect the diversity of experiences and backgrounds among those who have experienced trauma, and ensure that services are sensitive and responsive to their needs.

  • Our Mindful Education for Resilience Program encourages awareness of bodily sensations and promotes the integration of body and mind, helping individuals to reconnect with themselves in a safe and non-threatening way. Trauma often involves a disconnection between the mind and body, with individuals feeling disconnected or numb to bodily sensations. Participants are guided to experience physical sensations in the body without activating fight/flight/freeze response allowing individuals to release stored trauma in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Our Mindful Education for Resilience Program offers opportunities for participants to have a sense of ownership and choice in their interactions and decision-making, empowering them to take steps toward healing. The skills that are practiced encourage self-regulation which creates pathways for participants to more effectively navigate challenges.

  • Healthcare providers who practice mindfulness may demonstrate greater empathy, compassion, and presence with their patients. This can lead to improved communication, trust, and satisfaction in the patient-provider relationship.

    Our Mindful Education for Resilience Program encourages self-compassion, acceptance, and non-judgmental awareness, allowing individuals to cultivate a more compassionate and accepting relationship with themselves. Trauma can often lead to feelings of shame, self-blame, doubt, and self-criticism. Peer support provides opportunities for individuals to connect with others who have similar experiences, providing validation, understanding, and encouragement in their healing journey.

Who This Program is For:

Our Mindful Education for Resilience Program is designed to be customized to fit each facility's needs. Each lesson covers the five parts of practice and is similar in structure, but varies in content. In addition, each trauma-informed instructor is trained to utilize the lessons to meet their clients where they are and adjust lessons as needed.

Detention Centers

Residential Treatment Facilities


Crisis Centers

Correctional Facilities

Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

What Will Receive

Up to 52 Resiliency Lessons lasting between 30-45 minutes

All-staff access to the online, on-demand Resource Portal


Unlimited Challenge to Change program support


Scheduling and program implementation support

2 Self-Care In-Services for Staff




Perfect fo those who want to hit play and start practicing.

$3,000 per school

Includes 8 digital lessons

and 3 digital in-servicecs



Our trained yoga

instructors come to your school or organization.


$425 per classroom

Includes 8 digital lessons

and 3 digital in-servicecs

Your Staff


Your staff members trained in our curriculum offering programming to your facility.

$1,200 per school

Includes 8 digital lessons

and 3 digital in-servicecs

Have questions about our programming?

Talk to our team.

Call: 563-451-7034

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