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The Power of Morning Meds: How Starting Your Day with Mindfulness Can Transform Your Life

Written by Kayla Reetz, Trauma Supports Team Member + Yoga Teacher

"One for me, one for my family, and one for my work...”

This is the phrase I repeat to myself out loud as I light each wick of my candle to start my morning meditation - or morning meds as I like to say.

I learned this trick from Molly Schreiber, Challenge to Change’s Founder and CEO, when she shared what her morning meditation practice looked like when I participated in her Meditation with Meaning Challenge.

In Molly’s video, she had three separate candles, each with a specific phrase on them that reminded her of her intentions to herself, her family, and her work. She showed a small table with her journal, her affirmation cards, her malas, and a few other items she preferred for her morning work.

My candle is a three wick candle from Walmart. Nothing special. Its scent is a fruity one- something my husband picked out. I have my Positive Affirmations card deck, along with my journals and a Psalm book with a daily devotional in it as well- something I added later on in my work. I keep these things on the end table shelf by my bed. I dig them out each day and I put them back before the next.

I share that only because sometimes I think we can get caught up in the stuff we “need” to start something new. Originally, I thought I needed a designated space to do my morning work. I also thought I needed to have all the “right” things to do it the “right” way. But, I was wrong.

Recently, my husband and I moved in with my parents by choice. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, we are a little crazy.

I could have stopped my practice, easily blaming it on the transition and effort from the move, but I continued with it, which has now translated into my “morning meds”. Not a magic pill or drink or even food. Just time to sit with my thoughts and process both the outer world and my inner world.

I don’t really meditate in the sense of sitting criss-cross yogi sauce saying “om” all the time either. For me, it’s always about my journaling practice.

I put on some non-lyrical, relaxing music. Then, I choose an affirmation card, read the day’s psalm devotion, and I look at my Developing a Relationship with Yourself journal and follow its directions. Next, I write in my personal journal, usually starting by reiterating the things I want to focus on at the top of the page.

Through this practice, I ask myself questions that never really get asked in the busyness of life.

Things like:

  • what I consider my strengths to be

  • my core values

  • who sits in my theatre (referring to my supports and how they support me)

These are the important questions that we assume everyone knows and considers and lives out, but that we usually don't take the time to ask.

Showing up this way has helped me to know myself a little more. It has taught me how to choose myself with appropriate boundaries and expectations. And it even helped me to give of myself in healthier ways, helping me to be more intentional with my time and efforts.

Have I got it all “figured out”? Nope. Not even close.

Do I have more tools to work with and a better understanding of how those tools work for me?


And it all started because I sit on my bed, drag out my books, a pen, and I write. I process. I allow myself to consider options before I take them out on someone else. I take my morning meds so that I can be the best version of myself to the people in my life.

I am no doctor, but I certainly prescribe this type of med for you.


~ Kayla Reetz

Learn more about the Meditation with Meaning Challenge!

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