Our mission at Challenge to Change is to teach lifelong wellness skills benefiting the mind, body, and spirit of people of all ages.  We focus primarily on the practices of fitness, yoga, meditation, and daily mindfulness.

We believe that giving children the gifts of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation enables them to have choices and resources to best self-regulate their emotions.  Feeling in control of their emotions allows children to safely explore their identity and their relationships with others as they grow up in a very busy world. 

As Molly M. Schreiber, founder + CEO of Challenge to Change says,

“We are our best selves when our smart minds are connected to our kind hearts and our calm bodies"


our mission


Molly M. Schreiber

Founder + CEO of Challenge to Change, Inc.,

fitness and yoga enthusiast, inspirational speaker, children’s book author and wellness coach. 

"Starting my own business was scary and exciting for me all at the same time. At the age of 30, I was widowed with three young children. The love of my life died in a car accident and left me with a three year old and 15 month old twins. At this tragic time in my life I had to make the choice: do I survive or thrive. I decided to thrive. I decided to turn my mess into a message.

Over the next couple of years, I raised my babies the way Kyle and I would want them to be raised. I remarried a wonderful man named Tom Schreiber, and he adopted my children to raise as his own. During this time I also started my business, Challenge to Change, Inc. I wanted to inspire people to be healthy, happy and live a positive life.

I named my business, Challenge To Change, because I wanted people to understand that the power to change and live a good life is within us. It does not come from outside of ourselves. Each choice we make leads us exactly where we need to be, and knowing that can be very powerful."


be the change

our team

Our team is dedicated to bringing mindfulness, yoga & meditation

to our schools, community, and our world.  Our leaders and teachers come together with diverse backgrounds and experiences in education, yoga and mindfulness, school counseling, music therapy, and more. 

  • Molly M. Schreiber

    Founder + CEO

    Molly M. Schreiber is the Founder and CEO of Challenge to Change Inc...

  • Amy Jenkins

    Curriculum Director

    Amy Jenkins serves as the Curriculum Director at Challenge to Change, Inc...

  • Paula Purcell

    Creative Director + Yoga Teacher

    Paula manages our marketing and communications and teaches yoga in our Yoga in the Schools Program.

  • Anne Funke

    Secondary Education Director

    Anne Funke serves as the Secondary Education Director. She co-created the middle school curriculum year one that rolled out in Fall 2020, and is currently writing Years 2 and 3 for middle school and creating our high school curriculum.

  • Hanna Reese

    Studio Manager + Yoga Teacher

    Hanna is a graduate of the University of Dubuque with a bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science.

  • Megan Kuennen

    Program Director + Yoga Teacher

    Megan joins the Challenge to Change team as Program Director and a Yoga Teacher in both the Elementary and Middle School Programs.

  • Melissa Hyde

    Educational Writer + Yoga Teacher

    Melissa is a native Californian who has spent her life bouncing back and forth between her hometown of Los Angeles and her adopted home of Dubuque, Iowa.

  • Mae Hingtgen

    Yoga Teacher + Trainer

    Mae’s journey into yoga began with a quest for strength, flexibility, and toning, but it has been through her practice that she has discovered yoga also brings peace, acceptance and relaxation.

  • Jordan Turner

    Quad Cities Regional Director

    Jordan is our Quad Cities Regional Director for our Yoga in the Schools Program.

  • Jenna Bell Collins

    Marketing Specialist

    Jenna is our Marketing Specialist as well as the creator of our Kid's Yoga Subscription Box!

  • Julie Strittmatter

    Content Contributor

    Julie supports and spreads Challenge to Change’s mission all the way from Pennsylvania as a content contributor.

  • Lynnea Courtney

    Social Media Coordinator + Yoga Teacher

    Lynnea is a Dubuque native and received her 95 hour kids yoga teacher training from Challenge To Change.

  • Rachel Harwood

    Team Lead + Yoga Teacher

    Rachel shares her love of yoga and mindfulness in studio and in our Yoga in the Schools Program.

  • Laura Hodge

    Compliance Officer

    Laura joins our team as a certified 200-hour and 95-hour kids yoga instructor.

  • Liz Jendra

    International Ambassador + Yoga Teacher

    Liz joins Challenge to Change as a Yoga Teacher for the Middle School team and will be co-developing and managing special projects to help spread the mission and benefits of teaching children yoga and meditation.

  • Paige Griffith

    Yoga Teacher

    Paige joins our Challenge to Change tribe as a Yoga Teacher in our Elementary and Middle School programs.

  • Charlotte Harwood

    Studio Ambassador

    You can find Charlotte working the front desk at Challenge to Change!

  • Lea Lovell

    Yoga Teacher + Educational Consultant

    Lea is an avid traveler and lived in both India and Haiti and has visited many other countries.

  • Lora Fuller

    Online Curriculum Coordinator

    Lora is no stranger to the health and wellness field or working with children.

  • Pam Connolly

    Health Coach + Fitness Instructor

    Pam’s life has been impassioned by health and fitness and she considers herself a lifelong learner.

  • Chelle Lehman

    Yoga Teacher

    Chelle (pronounced Shelly) is an Iowa certified K-12 teacher with endorsements in elementary and secondary sciences.

  • Joni Puffett

    Yoga Teacher

    Joni received her 95 hour youth yoga certification in April of 2020 and will soon receive her 200 hr certification in November 2020.

  • Kristina Herr

    Yoga Teacher

    Kristina is a true teacher at heart. She has been a classroom teacher for the last 17 years and this year has taken on a new role as a technology teacher at Irving Elementary.

  • Stacy Opheim

    Yoga Teacher

    Stacy is certified in 95-hour kids yoga instructor and educator who is passionate about finding the best ways to help children learn.

  • Teresa Miller

    Yoga Teacher

    Teresa is a certified kid’s yoga instructor who came to yoga through a professional presentation by Challenge to Change in Northwest Iowa.

  • Sherrie Collins

    Yoga Teacher

    Sherrie is currently living her best life as an educator, runner (training for another marathon!), rescue dog foster, hobby photographer, virtual wellness coach, wife, and cat mom to Luna and Maya.

  • Candace Pickett

    Personal Trainer + Fitness Instructor

    Candace Pickett is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and has been working with clients since May 2019.

  • Jodi Wasson

    Yoga Teacher

    This is Jodi Wasson. She was born and raised in SE Iowa.

  • Michelle Tuthill

    Yoga Teacher

    Michelle is a certified kid’s yoga instructor who shares a love of children, teaching and the mindfulness practices of yoga.

  • Marianne Kurth

    Yoga Teacher

    Marianne is a 95 hour certified kids yoga instructor and RYT 200.

  • Holly Flood

    Yoga Teacher

    Holly is a certified Yoga Instructor. She teaches adult, kid and toddler yoga and is also a Pre-K teacher at St. Columbkille School.

  • Meredith Schmechel

    Yoga Teacher

    Meredith has been an elementary school teacher for sixteen years.

  • Jessica Reimer

    Yoga Teacher

    Jessica is originally from rural Sparland, IL just north of Peoria. She has been practicing Qigong exercises since she was a small child along side her grandmother, who taught her own classes for many years and took Jessica to many workshops.

  • Erin Lange

    Yoga Teacher

    Erin is a certified yoga instructor at the 200 hour level and a registered children’s yoga teacher.

  • Shawna Poppen

    Yoga Teacher

    Shawna is first and foremost a wife and mother. She enjoys cooking, adventures in travel, and time spent with family and friends.

  • Kristy Meyer

    Yoga Teacher

    Kristy is a certified kids yoga instructor and loves going into the Dubuque Schools to teach mindfulness and yoga to area students.

  • Amanda Canganelli

    Yoga Teacher

    Amanda was raised in Bellevue, Iowa along the Mississippi River.

  • Bobbi Kelley

    Yoga Teacher

    Bobbi is a former teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. When she retired in June 2019 after 34 years of teaching, she decided to pursue a long-term goal of becoming certified to teach yoga to children.

  • Dusty Swela

    Yoga Teacher

    Dusty is a Mother, Wife,Business owner, Holistic Therapist, Yogi and Friend. Dusty began her career in the world of medicine in 1998 where she worked in the medical field in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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