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Jordan Turner

Mindful Education in Schools Director

Jordan Turner is our Mindful Education in Schools and Mindful Minutes Director. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education, is a 200 E-Registered Yoga Teacher, a 95 Registered Certified Yoga Teacher, and also had certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga. Jordan currently serves as board member for the Multidisciplinary Pathways to Recruit, Train, and Retain School Mental Health Providers in Iowa (MPath) grant.

In previous years she was an athlete, student, nanny and a teacher in a low socio-economic school where over 80% of our students have experienced some sort of trauma. Within those years she found a need and passion to support herself not only socially and emotionally but also her students and fellow educators.

She soon found Challenge to Change, Inc and furthered her education on how she can support these groups through the practices of self-care, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and yoga and mindfulness.

She is committed to spreading everything she has learned and experienced as an educator, mother, wife, student and leader to help develop happy and healthy students and educators within our society.

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