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Melody of Meditation (Paperback)

SKU 978-1-7377300-2-6


Melody of Meditation (Paperback)

by Molly Schreiber, Illustrated by Alina Crow


Melody has too many busy thoughts ...


... but today she is going to try something new.


She's going to use her breath and meditation to make those thoughts go "poof."


Our breath is an amazing thing and in this melodic children's verse, young readers will learn how to use their breath in order to meditate. With each connection to the breath, an unwanted thought is "poofed" away until the mind is effectively cleared.


Science shows that meditation in children ...


... can lead to increased happiness and overall pleasure in life.


In fact, the Dalai Lama has said, "If every 8 yer old in the world were taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from our world in one generation."


Allow Melody of Meditation to be a guide for your child on this simple pathway towards more positive brain health-meditation.


Written by a teacher and used by educators when teaching mindfulness in their schools, this book can help you teach your children how to clear their minds of all those busy thoughts and be calmer, happier children.