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Give Yourself: The KCG Social-Emotional Model

By Anne Funke

This third and final piece of the KCG model is all about going out and building emotionally intelligent and healthy relationships. It also embodies our choices to work toward a noble goal, to have a reason for our actions and words, and to act in accordance with this “why” to live purposeful and rich lives. All this sounds kind of big, doesn’t it? The good news is, if we’ve done the work through Knowing and Choosing ourselves already, then we’ve done a lot of the work necessary to begin to apply this to our bigger visions and relationships.

Give Yourself is doing things for a reason, and is seeing our vision and mission in action (Six Seconds, 2020). Sometimes the external barriers get in the way - unhealthy relationships, obligations and commitments, unforeseen life circumstances. The good news is, if we can continue to act in our own self-interest and keep in mind all the awareness and emotional navigation we’ve been practicing, these obstacles seem a little less daunting. We can take that pause and recognize that while our situation or circumstance may be less than ideal, we still have choices, we still have skills, and we still have our noble goals to work toward.

If you feel ready to take on this next step to becoming emotionally intelligent, I encourage you to reflect on some of the following questions:

  • What do I feel is my purpose in life?

  • What life experiences have I had that have significantly shaped me?

  • What is something that makes me look forward to getting out of bed each morning?

  • What relationships do I have that fuel me and lift me up?

  • Where do I find purpose and meaning in my daily life?

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