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4-Day YogArt Camp Resources


Our YogArt Program combines creative, calming practices of yoga and art into one amazing event. Children will breathe, stretch, and imagine as they receive instruction through yoga and mindful art.

Digital Resources

Marketing Materials

Other Materials 

Camp Bundles packed with everything you need to ensure a successful and enriching camp experience

Customizing Files

How to Edit Your Canva Files 

  1. Open the shared Canva link: Click on the link provided to you in the section above. The design will open as a view only. To edit it, you must copy it. In the top menu bar, click on 'Files.' Next, click on ‘Make a copy’.

  2. After duplicating the design, you can edit the new copy.

  3. You can customize the graphic with your colors and fonts, include your logo, and change any pictures you see fit.

  4. Once you have made all your changes, click on the ‘Share’ button located in the upper right-hand corner. Next, click on download and select the file format you wish to save to. Note that to the left of the ‘Share’ button, you will see the file name displayed. You may also change the file name to what you see fit.


Note: You do not need a paid account to access and edit files. You will need to set up a free account. No credit card is required.

Customer Support

If you encounter any technical issues while trying to access files and need assistance, please email

Welcome to the Superhero Sidekicks YogArt Camp!

Upon purchasing the bundle, you have received a zip drive file containing all of your resources. This page serves as an alternative way to access and print your resources.

The digital resource center on this webpage is organized into four main sections:

  • The Teaching Materials Section includes a digital manual and book for Day 1. It also contains information on the sequenced yoga flow, offering a written and video version to help you practice and teach the flow effectively.

  • The Marketing Materials Section provides customizable graphics for printing or social media use to promote your camp. For guidance on customizing these materials, refer to the Customizing Files section.

  • The Printable Activities Section offers materials designed for Days 1-4, with activities specified in the manual along with the corresponding days for each activity.

  • The Other Materials Section presents four t-shirt designs for your tie-dye activity. Another option is to use a plain white T-shirt.

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