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  • Masterclass: Nonviolent Communication

    Whether you're navigating the dynamics of the workplace, fostering connections at home, or engaging with meaningful dialogue and cultivate a culture of empathy and respect • Why embracing it is essential for fostering

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  • The Longing to Belong: How Challenge to Change Empowers and Fosters Belonging

    Increased Resilience and Confidence Belonging fosters resilience and confidence within individuals. Collaboration fosters creativity, innovation, and personal development. Therefore, it is crucial to foster environments that promote inclusivity, empathy, and a sense of belonging belonging questions around your table this Thanksgiving season, ask one more: How can I empower and foster

  • How to Set Up a Calm Corner in the Home or Classroom

    Posters with techniques such as breathing, yoga poses, or positive mantras can be hung up as helpful For example, a calm corner can help to reduce disruptive behavior, improve focus, and foster improved Our Emotions Card Deck can help foster emotional intelligence but is also fun to use with a partner! Mindfulness Posters: Posters demonstrating yoga poses, mudras, breathing exercises, mantras or positive By including these items, you can help to create a peaceful and restorative environment that fosters

  • A Mindful Resource Center to Support Teachers, Parents and Families

    adults need time to slow down, process and rest by being mindfully focused on the present moment, which fosters Mindfulness Resource Center, with over 100 different mindful resources including breath card decks, posters

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