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Raising Healthy, Happy Kids: Becoming a Role Model for your Kids

Written by Kayla Reetz, Yoga Instructor + Trauma Supports Team Member

Offering a hand to a child

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." - Benjamin Spock

Family squabbles are part of life.

Each of us have them and when kids are involved, they become a little more passionate, a little more heated.

Parenting is hard.

There are constant reminders of things you are not doing instead of reminders of the things you are.

Everyone- family especially- believes they can tell you what you “should” or “could” do.

All of these pressures combine and can leave a parent feeling like they are not doing the job they’re supposed to.

From a recent squabble in my life, I felt compelled to write the following.

I don’t think it qualifies as a poem, but it may have some truths in it too.

Its intention is to simply remind all of us what we do every day to help raise happy, healthy kids.

Sometimes we get lost in the extra parts, that we lose sight of the simplest and most effective things.

Please enjoy. I hope it’s something you come back to whenever you need it.

I invite you to take a breath or two and repeat a mantra to yourself that reminds you of what you are doing, rather than what you could be doing.

Maybe you post it somewhere you can read it on the especially hard and taxing days.

No matter what, know that you are enough.

Inspirational Mantra Quote

You Are Enough

Some parents make sure their kids have what they need

when they need it as often as possible.

They expect their kids to help them with the chores and caregiving,

but maintain firm boundaries so their kids can be kids too.

Hugs and kisses remind their kids

they are loved for who they are

and not what they become,

showing their kids

they are already valued

and it is not contingent

on successes and failures.

And they are enough.

Some parents spend time

with their kids

with their phones down,

modeling how to enjoy life in the present-

how to spend the only commodity

that can’t be given back:


They find healthy ways

to manage their stress

from work and all things adulthood

so their kids don’t get the “leftovers”,

while some parents have

a structured device time into their day,

knowing they and their kids need time

to themselves before they can give to others.

Some parents make mistakes

and model how to right their wrongs,

own up to their choices,

allowing their kids to see they aren’t perfect

and to be perfect

is never the expectation.

And they are enough.

Some parents put up with the tantrums,

place rules to ensure their kids’ safety,

knowing that it is more work for them.

Some parents have the hard conversations,

knowing it is what’s best for their child’s future

even if it is a struggle to talk about.

Some parents allow others to lead those conversations,

knowing it will be more meaningful coming from someone else.

Some parents make sure

there is ample food in the house

so their kids can eat-

even if it means a smaller meal for themself.

And they are enough.

Some parents establish routines

their kids can expect-

things like bedtime and waking up,

as well as meal times

because they know this is what helps kids feel safe and comforted

when the rest of the world feels messy.

They also allow for spontaneity,

teaching that some of the best moments are not planned,

but found.

And they are enough.

And some parents are willing to work to be better

every day not for themselves,

but for their kids,

remembering they model the parenting

they will see for potential grandkids one day.

They remember this responsibility is not easy,

but important for the future.

And they are enough.

Some parents stay,

working every day,

and some parents don’t,

but they maintain a meaningful connection with their kids,

reminding them they are supported

and that love knows no bounds.

And they are enough.

Don’t forget to give credit

where credit is due.

It’s the simple things kids remember the most

and will refer back to

when they get to be

what they always wanted:

just like you.

~ Kayla Reetz

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