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Elementary School Counseling Curriculum

Positively Transformed.

In this K-5 Elementary Counseling Curriculum, students will gain valuable skills and cultivate a resilient mindset to thrive not only during their school years but also as they embark on their journey into young adulthood. 

Our Challenge to Change School Elementary School Counseling Curriculum is designed to adapt seamlessly to the unique needs and aspirations of each student, tailored to each grade K-5 to promote engagement and interest in the lessons.

With 16 experiential lessons unique to grades K-5, students will practice:

Brain Health:

Learn about how the brain works, resilience, neuroplasticity, and thinking patterns

Personal Goals:

Explore values, personal strengths, goal setting strategies, organization, self-efficacy, and careers  

Social and Relationships: 

Develop relationship skills through teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and empathy


Practice and acknowledge how to make informed choices 

Emotional Intelligence:

Develop tools to identify emotions, their causes, and how to react to emotional experiences

The Elementary School Counseling Curriculums supports the CASEL competencies, Iowa SEL competencies, and the Six Seconds Know Choose and Give framework.

The Elementary School Counseling Curriculum  Aligns with: ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors (American School Counselor Assocation).

Counseling Curriculums & Sample Lessons

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