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programming at the primary and secondary level

Our Yoga & Mindfulness Program offers proven yoga and mindfulness curriculum created, led and taught by certified and experienced Challenge to Change, Inc. Children's Yoga Instructors.  We offer yoga and mindfulness programming at the primary, secondary and post-secondary level supporting students of all ages with social-emotional learning and lifelong wellness skills.

Our curriculum follows a 5 parts of practice approach integrating lessons that benefit the whole student through heart and brain power, movement, sensory experiences, breathwork and guided mindfulness practices.


live program

Our certified toddler, kids and teen yoga teachers deliver the calm to your classroom...

online program

You choose the direction, and we navigate the way with our virtual yoga and mindfulness curriculum...

license curriculum

Create your own program with a license to our Yoga in the Schools curriculum...

teacher resources

Access a wealth of supplemental resources developed specifically for teachers...

5 parts of practice

lesson outline


Seated Practice

We use Mudras to help us look inside of ourselves, gauge how we are feeling, and express it. When we close our eyes and breathe together, we are able to slow our heart rate and relax our muscles. This improves our focus and helps us in making better decisions.


Sun Salutation is the physical practice of moving your body, mind and breath together. It is important to bring these three realms together to be more present in the body. We use music to help us remember how to move our bodies to connect our body, mind and breath.

Heart of the Lesson

This part will be different for every lesson. Students will work on different mindfulness practices at this time. It may be through breath work, body movement, or a mindfulness exercise. 

Guided Mindfulness

This is a time when students use eye pillows to help relax and release. We use guided mindfulness practices created and recorded by Challenge to Change specifically to help the children use their minds as a tool.

Close of Practice

This part of the mindfulness practice helps the children complete and close all parts they have just learned. The simple words, phrases or songs help with mindfulness, self-esteem, and self-regulation.

elementary sample lesson

Sadie Loves Yoga

Join Miss Molly, Founder and CEO of Challenge to Change, Inc. as she takes you through the first Yoga in the Schools lesson for our elementary program.


This lesson offers an introduction to yoga through the children's book, "Sadie Loves Yoga".


middle school sample lesson


Join Miss Anne, Secondary Education Director of Challenge to Change, Inc. as she leads you through one of our Middle School Lessons.


This lesson offers students an opportunity to practice mindfulness with the intention of improving focus.


program pricing







Annual Cost

$400 per classroom

$3,000 per school

$1,200 per school

Yoga and Mindfulness Curriculum with 8 lessons including an end-of-the-year culmination

Delivered live in the classroom by Challenge to Change Yoga Teachers

Delivered virtually by Challenge to Change Yoga Teachers

Delivered by a 95 Hour RCYT employed by your school/organization

All staff access to Peace-Out-Portal including our online yoga and mindfulness resources

Challenge to Change Program Coordinator


Program Support

Video Tutorials

Scheduling Support

On-boarding Staff

In-service Training

“Navigating Online Tools” Staff

In-service Training

Staff Self-care

In-service Training




Minimum of 1 staff member has completed Challenge to Change 95 Toddler, Kids + Teen Yoga Teacher Training

Additional  Products + Services

  • Additional Staff In-service Training + $125

  • 95 Hour Toddler, Kids + Teen Yoga Teacher Training + $1,700 per staff member

  • Travel expenses may apply for schools outside of Dubuque, Iowa including mileage calculated at .58 cents per mile and/or hotel accommodations.

  • Additional support materials available for purchase through our online store.

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