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Smart Mind, Kind Heart, Calm Body (Paperback)

SKU 978-1-7363264-7-3


Smart Mind, Kind Heart, Calm Body (Paperback)

by Molly Schreiber, Illustrated by Alina Crow


Even the most amazing kids struggle …

… with negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


In this moving children’s story, an empathetic teacher shows a struggling child how to practice three specific mindfulness practices in order to gain control over her thoughts, words, and actions. Written from the child’s perspective, Smart Mind, Kind Heart, Calm Body explains the positive impact mindfulness can have, and invites readers to explore the world of mindful practices for themselves.


Mindfulness is the simple act of paying attention to the here and now without judgment or expectations. When children learn mindfulness they can control their emotions, calm their active minds, and self-regulate more effectively.

Molly is a teacher, yoga teacher, and mindfulness instructor. This book is used by teachers when teaching mindfulness in their schools, this book can help you teach your children the practice of mindfulness so that they too can say…


I am an amazing person. I know this because I have learned that I have a smart mind, a kind heart, and a calm body.