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Change the Station in Your Brain (Paperback)

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Change the Station in Your Brain (Paperback)

by Molly Schreiber, Illustrated by Paula Purcell


The human brain thinks between 50,000-80,000 thoughts per day.

Of those thoughts, nearly 80% tend to be negative!


Change the Station in Your Brain uses child-friendly language to show readers how they can use positive ‘I am’ statements to flip their thinking in order to feel better about themselves and others.


Written in playful prose with colorful illustrations, this story compares the human mind to a radio station that can be changed whenever we don’t like what is being played.


Children will love learning the mantras and simple breath technique in this book which will teach them how to flip their thoughts from negative to positive simply by changing the station in their brains!


Written by a teacher and used by educators when teaching mindfulness in their schools, this book can help you teach your children how to change those negative thoughts into positive affirmations.


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