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A Classroom in Balance: Helping Your Students Connect

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by Julie Strittmatter  (Author), Melissa Hyde (Editor), Molly Schreiber  (Foreword)


A Classroom in Balance: Helping Your Students Connect Their Mind, Bodies, and Hearts Through the Practice of Mindfulness


Are you looking for curriculum for...

...teaching mindfulness to children or teens?


This is the perfect curriculum for anyone looking to push pause in a busy world through the power of mindfulness. A Classroom in Balance shares ★100★ scripted practices that can take place in ten minutes or less. This book suits both experienced Mindfulness practitioners and novices as it provides an overview of Mindfulness, while offering practical and purposeful ways to teach it to others. Through exercises such as journaling, meditation, mindful movements, and class discussions, this book benefits both the facilitator and practitioner by tending to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of all who participate. 


Although originally intended for secondary education classroom teachers, these exercises are a wonderful addition to anywhere that teaching and learning take place. This is an invaluable resource for teachers, parents, counselors, youth group-leaders and coaches alike. 


Are you ready to create your own Classroom in Balance?


Challenge to Change Inc. offers signature Mindfulness programming for all ages. As a former educator, Molly Schreiber, founder and owner of Challenge to Change, keeps teachers and learners at the heart of her mission. Therefore, much of Challenge to Change’s programming and resources were designed to support the happiness and health of children, teens, parents, and teachers. Located in Dubuque, Iowa, Challenge to Change spreads its mission far and wide through the use of virtual yoga classes, online training sessions, literature, and online resources.


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