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Robin Fields

Mindful Education in Schools Instructor

Robin has a Masters in Teaching and Learning.  She had her first Challenge to Change encounter when she took Molly’s Mindful Games class at the Grant Wood AEA the summer of 2018. She applied what she learned the following school year by teaching her U.S. Literature juniors about mindfulness and its benefits.

In 2019, she retired after 33 years in the secondary language arts classroom, and she continued her relationship with C2C by participating in the Sol Retreat in 2022, by earning her 200 YTT April 2023, and by enrolling in the 95 YTT teacher training. As a member of the secondary team, she is excited to combine her passion for yoga and mindfulness with her enjoyment of working with teens. 

Robin lives in Iowa City with her husband and two dogs. When not being “unretired,” her other post-retirement plans include traveling and the dream of becoming a pickleball superstar.

About Robin

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