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MiKayla Medendorp

Digital Content Specialist

MiKayla has been our Digital Content Specialist since May 2023. However, her time with C2C started back in January 2021 as an Intern while she was going to school at the University of Dubuque. 

Although MiKayla hasn't dabbled too much with yoga, she has always enjoyed watching it through the videos she edits and learning more about the practices of yoga. Her first experience with yoga was doing goat yoga in Dubuque. She shocked herself with how well she could do the poses and how much of a serotonin boost it is to do yoga with goats. 

MiKayla has always enjoyed her time with C2C from being able to connect with her team, Lora and Kristyn, to doing what she loves best which is editing videos, to helping other areas that need it. MiKayla's passion is Graphic Design and she has always had an interest in videography and video editing. This job allows her to explore that more. 

About MiKayla

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