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Meghan Smith

Mindful Education in Schools Instructor

Meghan began her yoga practice in 2010 with a beginner series and instantly fell in love with it. Yoga was a great way for her to get some time to focus on herself while raising two daughters, and a great way to ease the stresses of the day and refocus herself on the things that really mattered while letting go of what didn't. She felt a calling to help others get what she had gotten from a consistent yoga practice and did her Yoga Teacher Training at Body & Soul in 2014.

You will often find Meghan in our noon Express class-if not teaching, she is practicing. Meghan loves surrounding herself with healthy positive energy. Her belief is that the greatest gift you can give to the world is a healthy you- Mind, Body & Spirit. In 2021 Meghan was accepted into the Social Work program at Clarke University. She also serves as the Assistant Executive Director of Mindful Minutes for Schools.

About Meghan

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Inspiring and holding space for healing, growth, and meaningful connections in myself and others.

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