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Kristyn Avalos

Marketing Coordinator

Kristyn’s first experience with yoga was a Yoga for Dummies VHS tape that her Mom bought her (circa the late ‘90s). A spark was lit! 

Ever since, she has continued to be a student of holistic wellness and a voice for the transformation that arises from expanded awareness. Now, Kristyn is a spiritual mindset coach, tapping (EFT) expert and astrologer whose mission is to empower individuals to make their mark on the world by embodying authenticity, wisdom and joy. Through 1-1 coaching, workshops, videos and blog posts, she’s helped clients transform their health, work and relationships by breaking through limiting beliefs and cultivating the courage to make decisions that lead to more peace, purpose and fulfillment. 

She was honored to serve the patrons of Dubuque by providing invaluable support and resources at the Carnegie-Stout Library for the past five years. She hopes to cultivate new relationships with her signature approach that allows others to truly feel seen, understood and inspired. In 2016, she left the hustle and bustle of Chicago and moved to beautiful Galena, IL with her husband, Jose.

About Kristyn

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Empowering others to make their mark on the world with authenticity, wisdom, and joy.

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