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Kristen Mimlitz

Continuing Education Instructor

Kristen is a newly retired 4th grade elementary school teacher. 

She first met yoga for the physical benefits, but quickly realized the emotional and mental benefits she received from it as well. She realized that she could be both strong and kind, powerful and soft, full of effort and also ease. For Kristen, the true practice has always been taking what is learned on the mat, off the mat, into oneself, and out into the world.

Kristen’s classes are all about balance. In her classes, expect a thoughtful, supportive, spiritual practice including asana, pranayama, meditation, with a dash of playfulness and humor sprinkled in. Her classes are purposeful, uplifting, and educational, with a strong focus on building stability in order to create mobility.  Kristen believes that yoga is for everybody and every BODY. She welcomes you to class!

About Kristen

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