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Kimberly Jaeger-Arjes

Trauma Supports Team Member

Kimberly continues to grow with the Accessible Yoga community to carry equitability and create spaces for vulnerability, transparency and honesty of the practice to unfold. 

She playfully connects to all things living; earth, bugs, plants, animals, and humans alike caring for their health and prosperity. She intends to be an instrument of awareness to all things with mindfulness to create safety and sustainability. 

Kimberly is a mother, wife, friend, and earthling. Her family spends a great deal of time outdoors and in the elements. Kimberly is 300 hr RYT; including restorative, reiki, trauma sensitive and kid yoga.

About Kimberly

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Being honest and true, knowing this gives permission for others to do the same. Seeing past the negative, as it's not always honest, and to embrace behavior while remembering the good inside. Staying even when it's hard because that's where the fruit grows. Paying attention with my whole self and to lean into the mystery unfolding.


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