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Kayla Reetz

Trauma Supports Director

I always knew that teaching was my purpose and taught music in the public school system for about 10 years before coming to teach Yoga in the Schools with Challenge to Change.  I have been with C2C since Spring of 2021 and never looked back.  I came across Challenge to Change through the teacher recertification class, Yoga for Teachers.  This was an experience I will never forget.  It was the first time I was praised- both intrinsically and extrinsically- for what my body could do, rather than being reminded of what it can’t.  At present, I have my 95 and 200 hour certification with hopes of doing my 300 hour soon, and 800 eventually, so I can offer yoga therapy.

My husband and I have 2 dogs who are our world and hope to have children one day.  I came to them as an experienced music teacher in all ages who survived instead of thrived in their field.  Through Challenge to Change, doors have opened that I never knew existed and I am reaching more students than I could have in my music classroom.  I have written and collaborated on 3 curriculums, written a children's book, and am now working toward spreading this programming to the Northwest region of Iowa .

The door I most look forward to, however, is owning my own studio one day so I can teach this amazing work to people of all ages!

About Kayla

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