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Bridget Udelhofen

Yoga in the Schools Instructor

Bridget was introduced to hot yoga almost 6 years ago through a friend and fell in love with it! After personally experiencing all the goodness yoga has to offer, Bridget began to look for ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into her Kindergarten classroom. In the search for yoga and mindfulness resources, she found Challenge to Change and the teacher trainings they offer. She completed her 95 hour Toddler, Kids and Teen Yoga Teacher Training in April of 2020.

In the next two years, Bridget used her training to introduce yoga to her students. May 2022 arrived and Bridget made the decision to leave the classroom to spend more time with her two children and husband and focus on teaching kids' yoga. She loves doing yoga with her children and can't wait to help bring all the love, light, and peace that yoga and mindfulness is to many other children. 

About Bridget

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