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creating positive change through yoga + mindfulness

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a mission of mindfulness 

creating positive change through yoga + meditation


Our mission at Challenge to Change is to teach lifelong wellness skills benefiting the mind, body, and spirit of people of all ages.  We focus primarily on the practices of fitness, yoga, meditation, and daily mindfulness.


bring the calm to your classroom

become a yoga school

Our Online Program delivers yoga and mindfulness curriculum virtually to your school campus meeting social-emotional learning standards and providing students self-regulation skills building brain and heart power.

moments of gratitude


Having Challenge to Change in our classrooms has been amazing! 


Yoga and mindfulness has helped so many of our students with their social and emotional behavior.


This is the one time in their day that gives them a chance to calm their minds and bodies in their world of chaos. It’s been magical!

Chelsey Knapper, 2nd Grade

Jefferson Elementary


I see our teachers putting elements of yoga and mindfulness to practice for themselves and with our students every day. Students are using these skills to help self-regulate and to live happier lives.


My staff has been able to change the culture into a calmer environment more conducive to learning. This has shown up in multiple academic and behavioral data points which is so rewarding to see.

Edward Glaser, Principal

Audubon Elementary School


As we work to create positive, engaging classrooms for our students, we look for tools, strategies, and lessons that truly support the success of the whole child. I have students doing mudras, writing positive mantras, and doing poses when they need it to help them be their best selves.


After a yoga lesson a student said, 'I feel so powerful.' What a testament to the moments that are happening due to the yoga project.

Meredith Schmechel, 1st Grade Irving Elementary

become a certified yoga teacher

teach peace


Become empowered to teach the healing practices of yoga and mindfulness to our youth through our 95 Hour Toddler, Kids + Teen Yoga Teacher Training program.


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