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Peace, Yoga and Books: A Yoga Book Club

Written by Joni Puffett, Yoga Teacher

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S. Lewis

What do you get when you take a life-long learner and avid reader and enroll them into a yoga teacher training?

A yoga book club, of course!

Yoga Book Club was an idea that came to me during my 200 HR yoga teacher training.

Part of our coursework included assigned reading – a handful of books that explored the teachings and philosophy of yoga, and a handful that were good for the soul.

Every now and then, bits and pieces of our assigned reading would come up in conversation.

And every time, my heart would light up as our sangha (group) connected over shared pages.

Our training progressed and my “books-to-read” list grew.

I’ve always loved reading and connecting with others over books.

The more I studied yoga beyond the asana, the more I connected with my spirit.

And the more I connected with my own spirit, the more I wanted to share my experiences in living yoga off my mat with others.

So what did I do?

I presented my idea for a yoga book club to Challenge to Change and was given a green light!

Yoga Book Club was launched in 2021 using a Facebook group as its platform.

Every month featured a different book with weekly posts. At the end of the month, readers met via Zoom to discuss.

The club ran this way for two years and pivoted throughout that time to best accommodate our readers.

Fast forward to present day, and I am excited to be moving the club offline and into the studio!

You can still connect with us via the Facebook group though. Join here: Yoga Book Club

How Yoga Book Club Works

Every 3 months, Yoga Book Club will feature a new title.

Register online for our quarterly program and you will receive your book in the mail with some discussion topics, a journal for you to keep, and details on our in-studio gathering.

You can enjoy your book at your leisure, and on the scheduled date, readers will come together for a morning of gentle yoga, light refreshments and friendly discussion.

Cost for each offering is $30, which includes your book, journal, a gentle yoga class, and discussion.

If you don’t wish to purchase the book we’re reading but still want to join us, just use the discount code NOBOOK at check out for a $15 discount to receive your journal in the mail.

Upcoming Titles

The goal of Yoga Book Club is to read a variety of titles that empower us to explore our best selves and discover (or re-discover) ways of living that nourish the soul.

It is my hope that in the titles we share, every reader will find themselves in the text and find joy in sharing their reading experience with others.

The books we read are meant to challenge internal thought patterns, erase old stories, and provide inspiration for a new narrative of light and self-love moving forward.

The books for this year include:

If you love reading and discussing mindful living, I hope you’ll consider dropping in for one of our upcoming reads.

If you have other books to suggest, please share them with us! You can email your suggestions to




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