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Introduction to Yoga for Resiliency Curriculum (Part 1/3)

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Written by Jodi Wasson and Dusty Swehla, Directors of Trauma Supports

We at Challenge at Change, Inc. would like to introduce you to our Yoga for Resiliency Curriculum. We have been implementing this curriculum in our Trauma Supports Department under the supervision of Dusty Swehla and myself- Jodi Wasson- for over a year and, it is now available for YOU to implement!

Here are the outcomes that you can expect through this program.

Program Goals:

  • Provide high quality trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness programming

  • Support the social and emotional growth of all individuals

  • Create pathways for children to navigate challenges

  • Create an environment that promotes the healing of trauma survivors through:

  • Encouraging resilience and self-agency

  • Body-based observation and inquiry

  • Mind-body connections

  • Opportunities to access inner resources

  • Self-regulation techniques and strategies

  • Avoid retriggering

The best part? Our team is there every step of the way!

What You Receive:

  • Two Teacher In-Services that offer an introduction to the program and instructions on usage of the Yoga and Mindfulness Portal Resource Center as well as a self-care In-Service for all staff

  • Twelve trauma-informed lessons scheduled with a Challenge to Change staff member

  • Unlimited access and assistance from a Challenge to Change staff member for live and online programming

Stay tuned for future blog posts on our new curriculum! If you would like further information in the meantime, you can also contact Dusty Swehla or myself, Jodi Wasson at

We look forward to hearing from you!



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