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Yoga in a Box

Bringing yoga to kids is our jam and in a year where we all went virtual, we wanted to develop even more opportunities for kiddos to enjoy their yoga practices at home.

So, we introduced the Kids Yoga Subscription Box!

Each month, we curate a box wrapped around a theme for the month. Examples of our themes have been Mantras, Yoga Games, Gratitude, and the Art of Giving. It is important to us that each box promotes interactive activities, independent activities, and opportunities for intentional movement.

We wanted to ‘walk’ you through one of our boxes to show you what you can expect each month.

Each box, when opened, presents you with a theme card. The front of the theme card will highlight the theme of that month and also house the QR codes for Breath Work, Movement, and a Yoga Nap. If you would like to take a peek at our videos, you can use your phone and scan the QR codes on the picture below or click on the links above. On the back of the card, it goes into more detail about what is in the box, more about the theme, and where to share all your fun on social.

Once you dig into the box, you will find several activities! Our December box in particular had two art projects! Each project gave students the opportunity to create something for themselves and something to gift to someone else. The first art project included two canvases and paint and the second project included two ornaments and paint. The box also included materials to wrap these gifts for someone special. Even our tiniest friends had fun!

We want to continue giving our yoga friends tools to use when they feel overwhelmed, stressed, or just need to take some time to themselves. So, we created a ‘Calm Down Cocoa’ worksheet to help them with ways to calm down or come up with new ways that may work for them as well!

All of the worksheets that we have created for our boxes are also located in our Teachers Pay Teachers store so that you can always purchase more or find another worksheet/poster/activity that catches your eye.

We like to include a mindful coloring page for each box as well.

We love curating these boxes each month! If you are interested in pricing and our different subscription boxes, please check out our store.

Is there something that you have loved about your box? Or, is there something that you think should be added to make our boxes even more exciting? Please share in the comments as we would love to hear from you!

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