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Honoring Transitions

by Kristen Mimlitz

Let’s face it, change is scary.

Often, changes and transitions can leave us feeling

a bit wobbly and unbalanced. What if we saw transitions from a new lens?

Imagine looking at transitions as a time to grow new branches and leaves of our own tree?

Whether we play the part of a student, teacher, or parent, there is never a time when nothing is happening. Something is always happening. Growth is occurring. We are always becoming, evolving, and working things out. Every moment matters. Yet, there is magic in transitions. These are great opportunities to set our intentions. How can we learn? How can we grow? How do we want to show up for these moments? In her book, Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery, Dr. Arielle Schwartz states, “Your intention provides the energy behind your actions in the world so you can become the person you are meant to be. You might work with the same intention of your practice for many months or even years. You might feel the need to change your intention as you grow. Most importantly, once you have set your intention, give yourself permission to surrender and trust that you have set an important process in motion. Like planting a seed in the garden of your mind this intention holds the potential for your visions and dreams. Just as you cannot rush or force the growth of a seed, you must allow the full expression of your intention to occur when the time is right.”

We invite you to set an intention to fully support your growth.

What do you want to bring into this next season and

transition of your life? What do you want to bloom?

What would help you to become the best version of yourself?

We can’t rush the growth of the seed or the opening.

We can’t rush the blooming. We can’t rush this next transition.

Flowers bloom when they are ready.

Butterflies emerge when the time is right.

Picture the beauty of a metamorphosis.

We change and evolve when the lessons are learned.

We are never late. We are never early. We are always on time.

Something is always happening and growth is occurring

Give yourself the gift of time and space to honor this next transition.

Be like a tree. Strong and stable. Reaching your branches up toward the light. Firmly rooted and grounded. Without expectations, don’t rush the process. Set the intention and let it go. In the wise words of our founder and CEO, Molly, “Do the next right thing and the next right thing will happen next. The universe has your back”. What is your intention for this next season? Please share how you will be honoring your next transition. We love hearing from our community!

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