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Breathing New Life Into Your Classroom Community


January 26, 2023


Daily classroom routines are proven to engage students, build trust, and support learning on all levels. 

This course combines yoga and mindfulness techniques with Monica Dunbar’s concept of Morning Meetings and Closing Circles.   

Morning meetings and closing circles provide teachers with a daily well-being routine to help regulate emotions and connect with their students as individuals with unique personalities, experiences and backgrounds.  

This course is designed to help teachers and students:    

  • Cultivate kindness and authentic connections  

  • Practice emotional self-regulation and co-regulation techniques  

  • Develop self-esteem and confidence 

Transform the way you start and end the school day and help your students feel seen, understood and valued while fostering a sense of belonging, safety and acceptance in your classroom.


5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Session 1: February 6, 2024

Session 2: February 13, 2024

Session 3: February 20, 2024

Session 4: February 27, 2024


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University or Organization of Accreditation 

1 Graduate or License Renewal Credit


Kristen Mimlitz

Kristen Mimlitz

Course Inventment

Course Credit 

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