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52 Affirmations to Empower You To Navigate Growth and Change

Although Challenge to Change is what we call our organization, it encompasses so much more than that! The Challenge to Change Affirmation Deck is inspired by the collective spirit of all the Changemakers who aspire to bring out the best version of themselves every day. Each card is infused with words of encouragement and empowerment, carefully curated to boost your self-esteem and nurture a positive mindset. This collection of uplifting affirmations is your daily companion on the journey to a more authentic and empowered life.

Each choice I make takes me exactly where I need to be.

Molly Schreiber is the Founder and CEO of the wellness education company, Challenge to Change, Inc. Molly created Challenge to Change after becoming a widow at the age of 30 with three young children. Her mission is to inspire people to be healthy, happy and live a positive life. Molly is passionate about spreading the message that the power to change and live a good life is within each of us. Each choice we make leads us exactly where we need to be, and knowing that can be very powerful

Affirmation Card Deck

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