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Kristina Herr

Continuing Education Instructor

Kristina is a true teacher at heart. She has been a classroom teacher for the last 17 years and this year has taken on a new role as a technology teacher at Irving Elementary. While teaching she was introduced to the Yoga in the Schools Program and fell in love with yoga!

Over the last 3 years her passion for yoga has led her to take all of Molly’s Yoga for Teachers classes. She continued on and did her 95 and 200 hour yoga teacher trainings to become a kids and adult yoga teacher. She has taught some kids yoga classes in Farley and did a yoga club with her Sageville students during her recess time. Kristina also teaches adult yoga on Challenge to Change's online wellness platform, the C2C Hub.

Kristina lives in the country near Rickardsville, IA with her husband Mike. They have 3 children, 2 dogs, 3 cats, and lots of space to roam.

Spending time with her family and friends is a top priority for her, but yoga has taught her to also love spending time with herself.

About Kristina

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