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Jennifer Johnson

Mindful Education in Schools Instructor

Jennifer Johnson, affectionately called "JJ", grew up in Davenport, IA and has a long history of contributing to the Quad Cities community. 

She recently completed her 95-hour children's yoga teacher training and felt so compelled to share the wealth of knowledge she gained that she transferred to part-time in her current position in order to teach in schools. She is determined towards the betterment of others' lives and the overcoming of trials through mindfulness, encouragement, and peaceful attitudes. 

She has worked in Ophthalmology for nearly 30 years and her passion for working with children has led her to specialize in pediatrics for the past 10 years. An avid reader, she frequents libraries and enjoys volunteering in the library book shop and Read United with United Way. 

Additionally, she is an advocate for meditation and yoga as a path to tranquility. She learned her practice of meditation by her friend and world-traveled Buddhist teacher, Joe Gauthier. Through Challenge To Change, she hopes to share her knowledge of mindfulness to benefit others.

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Being a foundation for, and continuing source of strength for myself and those around me to be authentic to one’s self by living in truth with empathy and compassion.

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