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Chelle Lehman

Trauma Supports Team Member

Chelle is an Iowa certified K-12 teacher with endorsements in elementary and secondary sciences. After several years in the classroom, Chelle left teaching to increase her impact on STEM education for students. She currently is the Southeast Iowa STEM Region Public Relations Coordinator. She previously worked for the University of Iowa College of Engineering where she was the Director of K-12 School Engagement and the Director of Outreach and Recruitment for the Women in Science and Engineering program. She is passionate about impacting the lives of young people through early exposure to STEM education and career opportunities. She is a champion for underrepresented students in STEM.

Chelle has been an on-again off-again yogi for more than twenty years. She found through the years that life kept bringing her back to her mat. When she practiced, she experienced a sense of peace and balance that she didn’t find in the everyday busyness of life. She kept thinking, “I wish my students could experience this same sense of calm.” It is this desire that brought Chelle to pursue her yoga teacher training for toddlers, children, and teens this past summer. She is excited to join the Yoga in the Schools Team and bring these mind/body strategies to students. Chelle will also be pursuing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Challenge to Change beginning in January 2021.

Chelle earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and education from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in biology from the University of Nebraska Kearney. Chelle is married and the mother of three grown children. She is the president of the board of directors of the Iowa Women's Foundation.

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