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  • Kids+ Yoga - May

    Our classes provide preventative social and emotional skills benefiting the mind, body, and emotional

  • Copy of Toddler Yoga

    -minute sessions teach children the fundamentals of yoga and mindfulness while promoting social and emotional

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  • What Is Social-Emotional Learning?

    By Anne Funke and Melissa Hyde In this blog series, we will explore what social-emotional learning is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) began receiving national attention in the mid-1990s, and has been steadily Since its introduction, social-emotional learning has taken on new importance in our educational system Social-emotional learning is formally broken down into five categories: Self-Awareness: Understanding How Does Social-Emotional Learning Connect to Yoga and Mindfulness?

  • Developing a Relationship with Yourself Challenge: An Emotional Intelligence Journey

    Written by Molly Schreiber, Founder and CEO of Challenge to Change Updated 12/6/23 "Emotional Intelligence together a 52 day challenge entitled Developing a Deeper Relationship With Yourself: A Journey Towards Emotional KCG: A Practical Guide to Emotional Intelligence During this 52 day challenge you will practice the concept Our hope for you is to form a healthy relationship with your thoughts, feelings and emotions. I see you and I honor you, Molly #blogpost #blog #challenge #kcg #mindfulness #eq #emotionalintelligence

  • 5 Fun Ways to Use an Emotions Card Deck with Kids

    their emotions.  Our Emotions Card Deck was inspired by our Emotions Chart.  related to that emotion. Emotion Check-In Start or end each day with an "emotion check-in." #emotionschart #workplacewellness #selfcare #teachers #yogaintheschools #challengetochangedubuque #challengetochange

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