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The Mudra Card Deck features 42 cards demonstrating hand mudras, also known as yoga for your fingers.

At Challenge to Change, we use mudras to give the physical body a meaningful task to engage in while the mind focuses on taking deep breaths.  Each mudra is connected to a different emotion or life skill. Therefore, we can use mudras to help look inside of ourselves and express what we are thinking or feeling at any moment in time.

Using a mudras card deck with kids not only introduces them to mindfulness but also provides a creative and interactive way for them to navigate their emotions, cultivate focus, and build a foundation for lifelong well-being.

Each card includes instructions on:

  • When to use

  • Where to place

  • What to say while teaching

Perfect for parents, educators, and caregivers, watch as your child discovers the joy of self-awareness and embraces a world of possibilities through the power of mudras!

Card decks come in a protective, plastic case.

How To Use

When we offer mudras, we introduce three at a time. After teaching three different mudras, we ask each member of the group to choose the mudra that best expresses what is happening inside of themselves. We always incorporate slow, deep breaths whenever we are working with mudras. Sometimes we also add some mindful movements to a mudra.  In this way, mudras help us to be more mindful of how we are feeling and give us a safe way to express and regulate our emotions.

If the kids are comfortable, create a safe space for them to share their experiences with the group. This fosters a sense of community and allows children to learn from each other.

Encourage the children to use the mudra they've learned throughout the day, especially during moments of stress or excitement. Remind them that these gestures are tools they can use to find calm and focus.

My daughter loves yoga and mindfulness.  Her favorite thing to do is practicing mudras.” - Tessa Callender, Navy Recruiter, DeWitt, Iowa

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Mudra Deck


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