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Just Breathe: A Collection of Playful Breath Practices card deck includes 44 unique breath practices for students of all ages.  Each card includes a colorful illustration and written instructions for how to practice each breath.

A breath card deck can be a wonderful tool to introduce mindfulness and relaxation techniques to children.

Pausing to take deep breaths in the middle of the day is one of the best things you can do for yourself and to share with others. Deep breathing calms the mind, body, and heart so that you can focus on being our best, most peaceful, and focused self.

Card decks come in a protective, plastic case.

The cards in this deck are divided into four categories with colors to indicate the desired outcome of each breath practice.

  • Blue cards signify breath practices that are intended to calm the mind, body, and spirit. These practices are most helpful when you want to relax or unwind.

  • Yellow cards represent breath practices that calm the body while also increasing the concentration powers of the brain. These practices are best used before activities such as taking a test or engaging in a competition.

  • Pink cards represent energizing practices. These help awaken the body and the brain in safe, healthy ways.

  • Green cards are partner practices. These are breathing exercises designed for two people to connect and team-build in a calm and meaningful manner.

How To Use

Breath Stories

Create a story or use a children's book and incorporate breath card activities at certain points in the story. For example, take a deep breath when the character in the story is facing a challenge.

Breath Buddies

Pair each child with a "breath buddy." They can take turns choosing a card and leading their buddy through the corresponding breathing exercise. This promotes cooperation and bonding.

Emotional Self-Regulation

Connect specific breath exercises with different emotions. For example, deep breaths for calming when feeling anxious, and quick breaths for energizing when feeling tired.

Yoga Adventure

Many of these cards include simple yoga poses in their instructions to receive instruction in these poses.  Use the breath cards entitled “Yoga Poses” as prompts for a mini-yoga session. Assign a yoga pose to each card and have the children flow through the poses while focusing on their breath.

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