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continuing education courses

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At Challenge to Change, we have created a number of Continuing Education Courses to support educators in implementing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom with ease.

*To register for upcoming Continuing Education Courses, contact the hosting AEA in your area.

Don't see a course offering in your region?  Contact us about hosting a teacher professional development or course at your school.

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Mindfulness Practices for Teachers and Students


This course will be hosted as a webinar series highlighting the impact of self-care for both teachers and students through mindfulness techniques. Throughout this series, teachers will receive re-licensure or graduate credit. They will participate in mindfulness practices, explore how mindfulness can be implemented into the classroom setting with a community of teachers, and experience how their own self-care impacts others in their lives.

Upcoming Webinar Dates:

  • 1/19 - 2/25

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • 6:30pm-7:30pm

advanced yoga for teachers

How to Deepen the Implementation of Yoga and Meditation in your Classroom


This course is designed to help teachers continue to create a classroom atmosphere that fosters peace, inner growth and physical movement through advanced knowledge and practices of yoga and meditation. Teachers will come to further implement how to use meditation and yoga in the classroom and put into practice lessons and activities. This course will give detailed lesson plans and other activities to implement yoga and meditation into the regular classroom day

social emotional learning

How to Integrate Social Emotional Learning With Mindfulness Techniques


This course will give teachers of students in Kindergarten through eighth grade an in depth look at Iowa’s new Social Emotional Competencies and provide them with tools to confidently integrate these competencies into the classroom. Through education into each SEL standard and benchmark, teachers will develop an understanding of how to help students gain a more accurate perception of themselves and their emotions in relation to: self, others, and environment. 

mindful games

How to Make Learning Mindfulness in the Classroom Fun and Engaging


During this course, educators will explore practices of mindfulness such as: breathing, guided meditation, sensory work, and body movement. Participants will also explore activities and games focusing on how to make mindfulness and meditation fun and engaging within their own classrooms.

yoga for teachers

How to use Yoga and Meditation in the Classroom

This course is designed to help teachers create a classroom atmosphere that fosters peace, inner growth and physical movement through the practice of yoga and meditation. Participants will come to understand how to use meditation and yoga in the classroom through a series of games, stories, and breathing exercises.


mindfulness for your staff

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