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continuing education courses

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At Challenge to Change, we have created a number of Continuing Education Courses to support educators in implementing yoga and mindfulness into the classroom with ease.

*To register for upcoming Continuing Education Courses, contact the hosting AEA in your area.

Don't see a course offering in your region?  Contact us about hosting a teacher professional development or course at your school.

"Thank you so much for offering this course! I absolutely loved it and I can say it has positively impacted me more than any other course I have ever taken. My children and I have benefited from the practices I learned in this course, and we plan to continue to use these things in our daily lives. I am excited to offer these things to my students. I can honestly say that this course changed my life in that it has encouraged me to learn more about yoga and mindfulness, and how these practices can benefit my students, children, and me. I am excited to learn more and see how these things will help the students I serve. In the future, please let me know about more learning opportunities in these areas."- Yoga for Elementary Teachers Student

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host a continuing education course or in-service training at your school

Contact us about hosting a professional development in-service or course at your school.

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